Monday, February 3, 2020

The Return by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Return is the third book in the Amish Beginnings series by Suzanne Woods Fisher. This book is an historical romance based in the 1700s. Betsy Zook is a young girl of seventeen who is violently attacked by a group of Indians. Her parents are killed and she and one of her brothers are taken captive. Her other brother manages to escape, but is traumatized by the terrible experience. Hans Bauer and Betsy had plans to marry so when she is captured, Hans is distraught and determined to find her. Betsy is not the only one who has been captured by Hans' charm. Fifteen year old, Tessa Bauer, also has her sights set on Hans. Will Hans be able to move on from his love for Betsy? And will he take a second chance at love with Tessa?

I always love to read Suzanne Woods Fisher's books. She has such a talent for bringing forth a heartfelt, inspiring, and gripping story. I didn't read the other books in this series so I was a bit lost at the beginning. I would definitely advise reading the series from the beginning as this does not work well as a standalone. I loved the character development in this book and how each character had such an important place in the plot. This book is not a very light read and it is very sad and hard to read at times. However, there is a lot of truth to this book and some of these tragic circumstances actually did happen in the past. Though it's tough to read about such tragedy, this story is one that must be told. Thank you so much to the author and publisher for the chance to review this book!

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