Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A Plain Leaving by Leslie Gould

A Plain Leaving is the first book in the Sisters of Lancaster County series. This read is very unique because it is two stories wrapped up in one book. One story is a modern day tale about a young ex-Amish woman named Jessica Bachmann. When her dad dies, she must come back to town and face her unsupportive family. Most of them don't want to have anything to do with her, but her aunt supports and loves her unconditionally. And from her aunt, Jessica learns the second part of the story which is about an ancestor named Ruby Bachmann. Ruby and Jessica may come from completely different time periods, but surprisingly, they have much in common.

This book is a gift. It's easy to get wrapped up in both stories that are told. I don't always enjoy books that go back and forth between time periods, but Leslie Gould has perfected this one. The story flows well and is easy to follow. This is a great choice for a vacation read or just an escape from daily struggles. I am a big fan of Leslie Gould's work and am thankful that she writes clean and uplifting novels. I will always pick up a book written by her. Thank you so much to Bethany House for the chance to read and review this book!

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