Monday, February 10, 2020

The Cross Tells Me by Darren Cox

Adelphi is a small town with a big cross. Beneath that cross is what some people would consider a treasure. That treasure is oil. However, to the people of Adelphi, the cross and the meaning behind it is the real treasure. When oil tycoon Bill McFar takes a journey that is inspired by the classic A Christmas Carol, he learns that there is more to life than what he ever could have imagined.

While the story idea and intention is admirable, this book is lacking in substance. It would have been nice to see more embellishment and description in the author's writing. The book also lacks editing and contains many mistakes which makes the story hard to follow at times. It is a great accomplishment to even make an attempt to write a book so kudos to the author for that. Keep writing and improving and keep spreading the good news.

Thanks to the author and bookcrash for the chance to read and review this book! I love to proofread and fix errors in writing, so if you need some editing help with this book, I'm your girl!

Thanks again!

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