Thursday, July 26, 2018

In This Moment by Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury just feels like home to me. Her books are reliably well written and guaranteed to be inspiring and memorable. In This Moment is definitely one to remember! This book deals with a very important subject in our world today: freedom of religion. When Principal Quinn starts a Bible study group at his school, he is taking a big chance because not everybody shares his same view on religion. However, Principal Quinn decides to trust God and go for it in order to win lives for Christ and help his students to triumph over the struggles they deal with daily. But when one of the parents decides to sue Principal Quinn, he must stand strong and prove to everyone that his Bible Study group is changing lives and it's all part of God's greater plan. And with Luke Baxter as Principal Quinn's lawyer, justice has a great chance of being served.

It is always great to read another book about The Baxter family. As Karen Kingsbury says, the Baxters are her readers' family as well. The character development is wonderful and each person in the story feels like a real life friend. I also loved that Aspyn from the Angels Walking Series made an appearance in this book!

This book is a gem as are all of Karen's books. You never have to worry about being disappointed or let down after reading one of her books. You are guaranteed to walk away refreshed and closer to Christ.

Thank you to netgalley and Shelf Awareness for the advance copies of this book!

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