Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano

This book is wonderful. I had never read anything by this author before and I wasn't sold after reading the synopsis, but it greatly exceeded my expectations. It's a treasure hunt story with a romantic and inspiring twist. Tressa is used to living a more than comfortable life and hasn't ever had to worry about being without. But when her father mysteriously disappears and her family is left with close to nothing, Tressa must find a way to make ends meet all while grieving her missing father. The legendary tale of the fortune that is hidden somewhere in the family's estate has relatives and mere acquaintances coming out of the woodwork. But who can Tressa really trust? And will the fortune ever be found?

There are so many lessons to be learned in this book. The book consistently speaks of a literal vineyard that is on Tressa's family's property while metaphorically comparing it to our lives as God's children. He is constantly pruning us and shaping us so that we can bear the best fruit for Him. This book came to me at the perfect time as it lined up exactly with the devotionals I am reading at this moment. It is such a joy to hear God speaking to me through his Word. I read A Rumored Fortune as an e-book which is not usually my method of choice. But in this particular instance, I was glad that it was an e-book because I used the highlighting feature so much. There were just so many quote worthy moments in this book that I want to share with others.

Thank you so much to Revell for sending me this book to review! I enjoyed it so much.

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