Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Girls' Guide to Conquering Life by Erica and Jonathan Catherman

The Girls' Guide to Conquering Life is a book of practical life advice for girls and young women. The book touches on a wide variety of subjects. Some of the topics made me giggle(How to Open the Door for Another Person.) And some of the topics actually taught me a thing or two(How to Fix a Small Hole in the Wall.) This book is chock full of information from recipes to sports tips to dating tips and more. This handy guidebook is great for girls who don't have a mentor to look up to and learn from. It's also a great book to help women and girls gain more independence. I will be passing this one on to my teenaged niece! I believe she can gather some great advice and information from this useful book. Thank you so much to Revell for the opportunity to review this book.

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