Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Minding the Light by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Minding the Light is the second book in the Nantucket Legacy series. This book takes place in 19th century Nantucket. Captain Reynolds Macy has been away on a voyage for six long years. When he returns, he is overwhelmed to learn that he is a father to six-year-old twins. His homecoming welcome doesn't last very long as his beloved wife falls ill and he is left to pick up the pieces. The captain doesn't know where to begin in the journey of parenting, but luckily, he has the blessing of Daphne in his life. Daphne is his sister-in-law and is there to help as he maneuvers through his new way of life.

I absolutely love all of Suzanne Woods Fisher's books. If her name is on the cover of a book, I'm reading it! The best thing about her is that she can write in so many different time periods. I love that she doesn't just stick to one period of time in her books. She does historical and present day writing well! I would recommend any of her books to readers who want to enjoy a clean, inspiring read. Thanks so much to Suzanne and Revell for the chance to read and review this book!

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