Thursday, April 29, 2021

Live in Love by Lauren Akins

I loved this book! It was so interesting to read about Lauren and Thomas Rhett's life. It was refreshing to know that they may look like the perfect couple on the outside, but they still have problems just like the rest of us. Lauren was very brave to open up and be vulnerable in order to help others that may be going through similar situations. I also expected this to be mostly about Lauren and Thomas Rhett's marriage and children, but it is also about their childhood together so I really enjoyed hearing about that part of their lives as well. The pictures are also great. They really add such a personal touch to the book. I was in tears while reading this book, and I found myself being thankful for my own family and the fact that I have my own Thomas Rhett in my life. Lauren and Thomas Rhett's love story is not perfect, but it is God ordained and so very special. Thank you to Lauren for being so open in this memoir and for trusting God every step of the way. This book is headed for the top of the bestseller list!

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