Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Peace by Becky Thompson

If you are like me, your first introduction to Becky Thompson was through the extremely popular Midnight Mom Facebook page. This encouraging page shares inspiring devotionals for moms that are shared thousands of times across news feeds around the world. So when I heard about Becky's new book for anxious moms, I knew it would be a welcome and helpful blessing. 

In this uplifting read, Becky speaks to her readers as if they are friends sitting in the room with her. She lets them know that they are not alone and it is okay to be a faithful Christian yet still suffer with feelings of anxiety. Becky's bravery in speaking out will help so many women who are afraid to share their true feelings. 

I really enjoyed this book and felt uplifted by reading it and applying it to my own life. I think this book is greatly needed in our world today as anxiety is seemingly at an all time high with all of the struggles that everyone is facing. You will walk away from this book feeling refreshed and understood.

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