Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A Different Kind of Love Story by Landra Young Hughes

Landra grew up in the spotlight as the daughter of well-known pastor, Ed Young Jr. When the Young family's values and intentions were questioned, Landra felt like her life was crumbling beneath her. Landra's struggles in life led her to an eating disorder. While she is still not fully healed, she has learned how to cope by finding love within herself, with her treasured husband, with her blessing of a daughter, and most of all, with her Savior, Jesus.

Landra had me at page one when she said, "I love The Bachelor." As a reality television addict, I can relate. I knew right away that Landra's story would be one I could relate to and learn from, and I was right. Landra is open and honest with the things she has dealt with in her life. By being obedient to God and sharing her story, she is allowing God to take a terrible situation and turn it into something good. Landra's story is touching and real and will help more people than she even realizes. Thank you, Landra for telling your story. I really appreciate being able to read and review this book from Baker Publishing.

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