Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pray Big Things by Julia Jeffress Sadler

Pray Big Things is one of those books that comes along at the perfect time when you didn't even know how much you needed it. In this book, Julia Jeffress Sadler shares what happened when she gave God complete control of her life and boldly asked for his blessings. Julia went from being brokenhearted after dealing with multiple miscarriages, to experiencing absolute joy as she became a mom of miracle triplets. Julia shows her readers that if you pray big, big things happen!

I really enjoyed reading this inspirational book. I was not familiar with the author and her background so it was great to hear about her miraculous story while being inspired to pray for big things in my own life. I found myself really relating to Julia's words. It's incredible to see big results when you stop being afraid and start trusting God. I have taken away a lot of helpful information from this book and I highly recommend it as a helpful tool to improve your prayer life. Thank you so much to the author and BakerBooks for the chance to read and review this book!

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