Wednesday, January 31, 2024

In the Shadow of the River by Ann H. Gabhart

Come aboard for the adventure of a lifetime in a thrilling showboat story that will leave you breathless. Young Jacci is only five years old when she and her mother are attacked by a stranger in the shadows. Jacci is forced to protect her mother in a way that a young child should never have to. In desperation, Jacci and her mother escape to their family's arms on a showboat full of rising stars. Jacci's mother will have to fight for her life to survive, and Jacci will have to learn to adapt to her new life in the spotlight. The author has done such an excellent job writing this exciting historical romance. The mysteries continue building until the final pages, and the ending does not disappoint. I also loved the inspiration woven throughout and the willingness of the characters to offer forgiveness where it is due. I would love for the story to pick up where it left off as I had become very invested in the characters and their lives. I appreciate the chance to read and review this book. These opinions are all my own.

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