Friday, May 24, 2019

Wooing Cadie McCaffrey by Bethany Turner

I really wanted to like this book, but it missed the mark for me. It's a romantic comedy movie in book form, which is right up my alley, but the characters just didn't connect with me. I found it unrealistic that Cadie and Will could give in to temptation so quickly after being pure with each other for four years. I also felt that Cadie was wishy-washy. One minute she wants over the top romance and the next minute it irritates her. I was Team Will throughout the whole book and felt like Cadie's problems with Will were minimal at best. The timeline of the book was also all over the place in the beginning and there were gaps in the story. This book is also a bit racy and controversial for a Christian publisher. I wish I would have been able to write a better review, but this is my honest opinion and I am still grateful to the publisher for the chance to review this book!

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