Monday, February 11, 2019

When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul Turner

"From the moment I saw you, I started to pray." When I Pray for You is the newest book from best-selling author, Matthew Paul Turner. This book is filled with every parent's prayers and dreams for their children. Parents are often in continuous prayer for their babies and this book shares the silly prayers and the serious prayers. It shares the hard prayers and the simple prayers. It shares that a parent's heart beats for their child throughout every moment. Matthew Paul Turner has created a masterpiece for families.

When I Pray for you is an absolute treasure. It's not just considered a suggested read; it's an essential one. The book will bring its readers to tears. It will cause parents and children to hug a little tighter and love a little deeper. The exceptional illustrations are the perfect match for this sweet story. The attention to detail and diversity in the artwork is also a welcome sight. This is the perfect book for all parents and grandparents to read to their loved ones. It would also be a great book to have on hand for gifting. This book cannot be easily forgotten and it is an instant classic.

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