Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Wonder of You by Susan May Warren

This book is one in a series about the Christiansen family. I have not read all of the other books in this series so I wasn't familiar with all of the characters in the book. I would definitely suggest reading the books in order as this book doesn't work well as a standalone read.

This book is all about a love triangle between Amelia Christiansen and the two men who are trying to gain her love. Seth is Amelia's high school love and he is the safe and obvious choice for her. However, Roark is also in the picture and he is the unconventional wild card choice.

While this book had many sweet and romantic moments, I found myself being frustrated with the characters as I read along. The characters were often wishy-washy and didn't ever seem to be sure of what they really wanted. Also, Roark's idea to completely push his way into Amelia's life seemed a bit extreme. Overall, the plot line wasn't completely relatable for me. 

However, there were many bright spots in this read and it is a clean, inspirational romance. I would definitely give the other books in the series a chance.

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