Thursday, November 21, 2019

God's Hostage by Andrew Brunson

In 2016, missionary Andrew Brunson was arrested and falsely accused of terrorism. He was imprisoned in Turkey for two years before he was finally released to freedom in the United States. Many people fought and prayed for Andrew's safe release even though his situation looked hopeless. Andrew reached the lowest of lows while he was held in prison and he had to completely give everything to God in order to survive. Andrew ultimately uses his experience for good as he shares his inspiring story in this powerful read.

Andrew's story is one that everyone should read. He had to deal with unimaginable circumstances during his years of imprisonment including depression, health issues, and separation from his family. Andrew's honest account of his experience is heartbreaking, yet necessary to reveal how God worked in his life. Andrew's story is one that will always be remembered and will spread the news of God's mercy and grace to so many. Thank you so much to Andrew and BakerBooks for sharing this story. I am honored to read and review this book.

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