Friday, September 20, 2019

52 Weekly Devotions for Families Called to Serve

This devotional book by Karen Whiting is a great way to teach children about the different kinds of people who serve and how to add acts of service to their own family's lives. Karen does a great job of handling some tricky subjects such as family separation, disaster response, and other stressful situations. She approaches these subjects with kindness and care and just the right delivery for the target audience of children ages 4-12. This book is perfect for first responder families, but it is also eye-opening for other families as well as they can get a glimpse into problems that first responder families deal with on a daily basis.

This devotional is set up to be used weekly and will last for a year at that pace. Each devotional includes scripture, activities, chat prompts, scrapbook ideas, and a prayer. The whole family can be included in these devotionals. I especially liked the devotionals in this book that teach children about how to respond in an emergency and even how to familiarize themselves with CPR. There are so many situations that can arise that may be difficult to talk to your children about, but this book can help you through these difficult conversations. I highly recommend this devotional and I want to thank Karen Whiting for giving me the chance to read and review this wonderful book!

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