Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Chase the Lion Weekly Planner by Mark Batterson

The Chase the Lion Weekly Planner is a unique take on your normal everyday calendar. With ample space for writing and organizing, this planner is sure to offer a respite for a hectic schedule. The premise of this planner is all about dreams and chasing "God-sized goals." There are blank monthly calendar pages included as well as blank weekly calendar pages. This makes it easy to start planning at any time of the year, without having to wait until the new year to begin. Each weekly calendar section includes an inspirational quote from Mark Batterson's Chase the Lion as well as unique writing sections including Lions to Chase, Inspiration, God-sized Dreams, Lions Chased, and Scratch Pad. In the back of the book, Mark shares his 100 life goals and leaves a space for writing goals of your own. This book is beautifully bound which makes it the perfect gift idea for pastors, graduates, or anyone who needs inspiration in their life. I am honored to be on the launch team for this planner and am thankful to Mark Batterson and the publisher for the opportunity!

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