Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Intertwined: A Mother's Memoir by Kathleen English Cadmus

Intertwined is Kathleen English Cadmus' heartbreaking and hopeful journey as a mother. Kathleen's true life story is one that will touch the hearts of many, especially mothers. The unthinkable happened when she lost her son, Shawn, in a tragic accident. While trying to sort through her grief, Kathleen felt called to consider adoption. Even though her husband wasn't on board, Kathleen continued the process and was blessed with beautiful baby Laura from Korea. Laura's life wasn't always an easy one, and Kathleen candidly shares her family's struggles and triumphs. Throughout painful situations such as her own divorce and Laura's mental disorder, Kathleen remains steadfast and focused.

Kathleen is such a person to be admired. She is the true definition of a mother. She always did what was best for her children and never gave up on them. She focused on their happiness and their strengths and taught them to thrive as they were able. Without Kathleen's determination and motherly love, Laura's story would have turned out so differently. Intertwined is heart wrenching and relatable and hard to put down. Thank you so much to Kathleen and KiCam for the chance to read and review this book!

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