Friday, April 27, 2018

An Imperfect Woman by Kim Hyland

"For every woman who gives it everything she's got...and still feels shame when one little thing goes wrong."

An Imperfect Woman is Kim Hyland's first book, but you would never guess that while reading it. The beautiful cover art sets the tone for this special book that every woman should read. Kim focuses on 10 topics that she calls "An Imperfect Woman's Manifesto." Each chapter goes into detail about one of these perfection struggles we all deal with and gives practical advice for how to embrace our God and quit trying to do everything by ourselves.

One of the chapters that really stood out to me was one about rejecting safety and embracing the battle. Kim explains how safety is a good thing, but oftentimes there are certain risks in life we have to take and rely on God to fulfill His plan for us.

I have to say that my favorite chapter in the book was the chapter on comparison. This chapter is so relatable because it is so easy to compare ourselves to others and start to feel like we aren't good enough. Kim uses scripture to explain how the body of Christ is diverse, just like our physical bodies. We are all different and God has a special plan and a job for us. The scripture references in the book were very helpful and tied into Kim's writing in an interesting and informative way. There are also questions at the end of each chapter that will help with further studies and reflection.

For every woman that strives to be perfect: You are enough and you don't have to do it alone! Kim Hyland's book is like a conversation with a friend and it is sure to bless you and inspire you. Thank you to BakerBooks for the chance to review this book!

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