Monday, March 5, 2018

Why Did You Choose Me? by Katie Cruice Smith

Why Did You Choose Me? is a sweet children's book to help adoptive and foster children adjust to being in a new family. Its catchy rhymes and colorful illustrations are comforting for young children who may be confused and struggling to find answers to questions about their new lives. Adoption is such a precious gift and this book makes it possible for children to gain a better understanding of a sometimes difficult situation.

The author was inspired to write this book as she searched for stories to read to her own adopted children. Books like these are definitely needed in today's world. A book has the ability to comfort, to transform, and to transport the reader to endless places with just the turn of a page. This book is a special book for special children and it is definitely a blessing. Throughout the book, there are splashes of color in honor of all the children who are still waiting for their forever home. This is such a wonderful way to remember these precious children. Adoptive and foster parents are heroes and they are changing the world for the better each day. This book will help them make that change. I received this book from Ambassador International and the opinions in this review are my honest interpretation.

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