Monday, December 18, 2017

Walking on Water by Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D.

Remember Peter? He did the impossible and walked on water because he wanted to be close to Jesus. More often than not, it is extremely difficult to step out on faith and trust God to fulfill His plan. In Walking on Water, the author uses scripture and personal life experiences to encourage readers to take that step of faith and be prepared for miracles and extraordinary things to happen.

This book was a challenge to review because I found myself changing my opinion of what I was reading from chapter to chapter. I do not agree with or relate to everything that was in this book. Some of the topics seemed a little extreme for me. I am a Southern Baptist so I'm more on the reserved side. However, I do appreciate this author's viewpoint and I gained a lot of useful information from this book. There were so many passages that I wanted to write down on a sticky note and stick them all over my house. It is rare that I read a book that leaves me with conflicting thoughts, but this one did just that. I am always willing to learn and grow as a Christian and I enjoy reading different varieties of books to get a feel for the different opinions that are out there. I received this book from Chosen in exchange for my review.

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