Thursday, September 28, 2017

Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors

Katie Davis Majors is a beautiful human being who has God at the center of her life. This is her story. When Katie went on a mission trip to Uganda, she could never have dreamed about what God had in store for her and what an impact she would have on people's lives by letting God completely direct her paths. Katie now lives in Uganda with her husband, her son, and her 13 adopted daughters. Daring to Hope is a heartbreaking, yet hopeful glimpse into Katie's life. Page after page is filled with beauty and brokenness and Katie reminds us that sometimes we have to face the storm to find the beauty. We can always hope and we can find that little piece of beautiful inside the ugly if we just trust God. God will prevail.

Katie is a gifted writer who doesn't just write books. She writes life-changing books. Daring to Hope is the perfect follow-up to Katie's first book, Kisses from Katie. Katie's life stories inspire us to make the change, take the chance, trust, and HOPE. Hope to find the beauty and the goodness, no matter what you are facing. I am honored to be chosen to be on the launch team for Daring to Hope and I am thankful for the chance to hear Katie's incredible story.

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